It’s Not About a Woman’s Body

Lately, the issue of abortion has moved into our collective consciousness, yet, once again. My hope would be, as with all such things, that consciousness leads to awareness.

First and foremost, despite what is so frequently stated, abortion is not about a woman’s body. Abortion is about a woman’s WAY OF BEING in the world, which extends well beyond her physical body.

A woman contemplating, or completing an abortion, is not engendering an act that is only speaking to her body. No, a woman considering an abortion is relating to the ENTIRETY of HER BEING in the world. What she will be in relation to, what she will be responsive to, what she will create, what will she energetically carry with her within the world.

Any woman knows that to be in the space of pregnancy is to be in existence with the life energy BEYOND the borders of an individual body.

We keep talking about the body as if this were a black/white issue as to who controls what. No. It’s more than that. It always has been and will always be.

For you see, women are the creators of this world. No one exists, but for the blood and body of a woman. It is this innate power of BEING WOMAN, the creator of the life of another through her OWN BEING, which expresses a woman’s God-like qualities.

We do not fear the act of conceiving and the giving of life that women do the world over. What we fear, but have yet to admit, is a woman’s awesome potential to not only beget life, but to end it.

Make no mistake. In her God-like manner, creator of all in the world, a woman is called to own her STATE OF BEING. Women are not simply walking wombs of creation. How a woman relates to the world BEYOND her body is HERS to OWN. Every woman must ask the hard questions, of her BEING, not of her body, about what she longs to manifest, invest in, and bring to birth.

Like so much associated with women, we only want part of the story. We want conception and childbirth, but not the uterine lining and “messy” menstrual periods which make it all possible. We want the all-compassionate, self-sacrificing woman, never stopping to realize that into every woman a bit of Kali must raise up.

A woman’s right is the right to be in her own STATE OF BEING, for she is the one who embodies this state of Being and all the potentials contained therein.

We are attempting to control, through the physical, the entirety of HER.

And, this is wrong. A woman, quite simply, carries the borderland of transformation within her body. She is the gatekeeper of this energetic energy – what will be expressed and manifested in this world and what will not be.

And how do we know it is her decision to make? She was born with it in her Being.

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