The Heavens


If, within your imagination,
you can not relate to your own death,
you have no business speaking about the Heavens.

An awareness of our mortality is our route to understanding that which is Limitless.
Too many bypass the awareness of mortality, all the while speaking of the Heavens.


5 thoughts on “The Heavens

  1. Yes, Kim! I just, 15 minutes ago, had a thought about my own death and immediately thought I should write a post with directions for someone to post it after I’d gone. It’s funny that my own death used to cause me great fear…not so much any more.
    Hope you are well!

    • Oh hey! You are so, so kind. I think of you whenever I see a new, crazy cereal flavor:) or When I see “pumpkin spice” added to the most inappropriate of foods. I don’t have my website going for purchases any longer. I simply could not keep up 😦

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