How I Came to Love You

How I Came to Love You

God can NOT work against you.

You want to be an idiot?
God is there.
You want to be a saint?
God is there.

In this way, God is committed fairly to all.

We must always remember that God has never, nor will ever, work against us.
That is not the nature of God, but is the nature of our responsibility to this world. It is up to us what we desire to create.
God does not stop us.


4 thoughts on “Want

  1. I agree in full spirit.
    Kimberly !
    Having visited you today my day.
    It is 2.20 am I got to see and such beautiful statements.
    Please peep into mine,I always pleased when people 👍 YOU come to me.
    Good Night!
    Actually I got up in between to go to the bathroom, fortunately got to see this.
    Shall visit again

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