Where is your blessing?


You spend so much time wondering
and planning what the Universe may create FOR you,

how do you ever find the time to marvel
at the energy the Universe expends creating and sustaining YOU?

Sometimes we get very caught up in the external world and our expression within this space. We long to create and manifest, and all that is good and normal. What we often overlook, though, is how much the Universe is already putting WITHIN us to sustain us. We ARE the CREATIVE ACT sustained by the energy input of the Universe. How grateful we must be for this act, as we come to understand this is the blessed creative act in completion – we are living.


3 thoughts on “Where is your blessing?

  1. I love this post. Blessings seem to be bestowed upon us from some external source …. we really don’t need that reassurance when we embrace everything we already are. Let us embrace all that we are and let go of the need for blessings. ❤️

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