Narcissism Book

You and a Narcissist

You and a Narcissist

Sometimes life comes first circle. As many of you know, I began this blog to find my footing in difficult personal situation. Over time, my understanding of that situation (as well as this blog) has evolved.

As I have written over the years, I have gained so much help and insights (as well as smiles and laughs from so many of you).

One area in particular in my blog has always garnered many comments and that is when I write about narcissism. I have a narcissist (superficially) in my life that has caused a fair amount of reflection, worry, and concern. I thought it would be a good idea to condense and organize my thoughts about narcissists and what it is to try to “relate” to these individuals. So, I created a book You and a Narcissist: 100 Mantras for maintaining YOUR PEACE amid THEIR CHAOS. It’s also available as a Kindle version. (Unfortunately, as I wrote this book as separate sections in line with the ideas (rather than in chapter format) there are a few weird page breaks here and there in the Kindle version. In the print version, each entry is a page long, but there was a little difficulty translating that to e-form.  I apologize and I hope you are patient about this.) The Kindle and paperback should link up soon on Amazon, but currently they are listed separately.

Although I discuss narcissistic behaviors in the book, the book is not really about the narcissist. It’s about you and how you have to work to make sense of the challenging dynamics involved with relating to a narcissist.

As I use mantras all the time to help center myself, and because I always want to find my power within any situation, I created mantras to go along with each topic.

Because it has no color images :), the book is much more affordable than my others ones.

I hope you know that I do not see this blog as a place to sell my wares. Whenever I create something, it is (to the best of my awareness) in alignment with how I understand the God within me to be. I do not create anything apart from that sense.


18 thoughts on “Narcissism Book

  1. Congratulations! Well done.

    The ultimate irony for me is how narcissists often force us to become so self aware of our own selves. They can be so toxic that in order to protect yourself you really have to learn where they end and where you begin, so one must get to know thyself. I’m not very enthusiastic about the narcs, but I can see some of the value they bring to the world, some of the good that can come from them. Even rotten grapes can make good wine. 🙂

    • you are so very wise. Having a narcissist in one’s life pushes one to have a state of self-awareness that may not happen otherwise. Smiled at the “grapes and wine” comment! 🙂

  2. Congratulations with your new book, Kimberly 🙂
    I know, how tough it can be to live with a narc and we do really need to learn ourselves to know to be able to protect ourselves against the narcs. So maybe that is why, they also are here.

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