Praying and Answering



Who is praying to who?
For every time you pray to God,
God is praying to you.

Who does the answering?
You look to God
and God also looks to you.


5 thoughts on “Praying and Answering

  1. See a theme running through the last several pieces. I wonder if the recent good news has become a “waiting for the other shoe to drop” feeling – but it also sounds like you are aware and releasing the fear and anxiety that you feel took up residence in your heart, and I’m very happy for that! Know you are loved and valued! ❤

    • Kate, so wonderful to hear from you. I was thinking about you the other day. I really hope my stepkids do as well as Mr. T through the high school/college transition.
      I really appreciate your awareness with what you wrote. I have changed- greatly. I am no longer hiding who I am or what I think about. There is something about a certain point in your life that you simple say “Enough. This is who I really am”. It makes me think of you and all the transformations you have undergone. You are a runner, great mom, yogi 🙂 and more. thanks, Kate.

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