If you are to ever change,
you can not fear your own transformation.

I received some good news the other day about the book I have written. It’s funny how success makes us reflect on if we are worthy. Failures never do this to us. When we fail, we too often say, “Yep, that is me.” Success brings a different sense. We tend to ask, “Oh, is this for me?” as if we are unworthy.

Fear is fine. It is what it is. But the one thing we can not allow it to do is to prevent our own transformations. We can not change if we live in eternal fear of transformation.


13 thoughts on “Stopping

  1. Yay for the good news and thanks for sharing your thought process with us, Kim. It is strange how, as a culture, we generally don’t believe in/trust/own our successes. So here’s to saying, “Damn, I’m good!” 😉

    • Hi Kate, I have been thinking about you. How are you and how is Mr. T?? I am wondering if he started school yet. You should so so very proud, Kate. You did it- you raised a great man. That is a great gift to give to the world.

      • Thank you for asking! His first day of college was Wednesday and then on Thursday (yesterday) he turned 18! We went out to dinner to celebrate all of that – and he shared about this classes and schedule and the homework he has already done! Thank you for saying how great you think he is, I think he is pretty special, too!

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