We are all given gifts and talents in this world.
Our job is to honor these gifts and talents.
Asking “What is in it for me?” is not a way to do this.

When we worry all the time about the results of our work, we lose sight of the purpose. We are here to express our gifts and talents- this is our way of honoring the gift we have been given. We use the gift.
When we only worry about results, though, the gift can be transformed into a “What’s in it for me?” proposition.
Your purpose is to use your gifts. God’s purpose is to worry about the outcome.


4 thoughts on “Honoring

  1. Hey, what happens when the sense of having a “purpose” feels burdensome? Like, to utilize gifts. To use and express. I understand that. But sometimes, having to live by this one necessary form (because if you don’t honor them, your gifts might just be taken away or you might feel ‘lost’) has a big weight. you get what I mean?

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