Are you Doing an Emotional Turkish Get-Up?

I don’t know if you are familiar with the exercise known as the “Turkish Get-Up”. Basically, you start out on your back, with your arm extended in the air, holding the weight. You then proceed to stand up with your arm continually extended holding the weight. Then you return to the start position. A picture is shown below.

turkish get-up

I got this image from

It’s one of those exercise that I think I probably do pretty well (in my mind). I am sure if I were to watch in the mirror, I would be stumbling around a bit, trying to maintain my balance.

I have been reflecting lately on some things in my life, and I have decided I am doing an “emotional Turkish Get-Up”. I am holding some emotional things, high above my head in my one hand, and I can’t use that hand any longer to do any other task.

I am not carrying these emotional energies in a safe way, i.e. close to my body and center of gravity. Oh no, I am holding this emotional energy way out there, where it can reduce my energy and stability.

Think about how much easier it is to rise from the floor when you can use both hands vs. getting up in the Turkish Get-Up style. How much easier would my life be, if I were to stop holding those emotional objects in my hand, and instead use both limbs to get up off the floor and on with my life.

Turkish Get-Ups are great physical exercises. They were never meant for emotional use. If you are like me, I hope you put down your emotional weight and allow your stability and mobility to return. There are better things to do with your hands (and life) than symbolically carry emotional burdens around.


3 thoughts on “Are you Doing an Emotional Turkish Get-Up?

  1. So true, Kimberly. I’d have to get down on the floor in the first place before even attempting to get up holding a weight in the air… exercise and I don’t tend to mix very well! 😯

  2. I read something the other day “those mountains you are carrying around, you were only meant to climb”. It resonates the same way this post did – I have some issues that I know I shouldn’t be holding up / holding onto / carrying around, but I’m struggling to put them down! And it does reduce our energy and stability, big time!

    • Kate, it is so good to seeing in blogging world again. I am already looking forward to some more “Kitchen Kate” postings. I really hope you are enjoying your time now that things have slowed down some for you.

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