When you look back – which empowers you more-
the emotions you have spoken
or the ones that you kept locked behind doors?

I was thinking of certain situations the other day and when I have spoken my truth and my feelings and when I have not. I wanted to see which I regretted more- putting it “all out there” whether others agreed or not or when I held my tongue to keep the peace.
I know what my answer is. I would love to hear yours.


11 thoughts on “More

  1. Love the use of colors you chose for this piece, As for your question, I have also battled when to speak and when to hold my tongue. Recently I have not only held my tongue but chewed and swallowed it. It is like in Ecclesiastes there is a time for everything. Sometimes we are to speak and other times we need to know when to keep our mouth shut however I am not good at knowing at all times which it is I should choose to do. Lately however talking to God first has helped a great deal. It is actually a part of my first prayer for Him to guide me in all I do and say.

  2. Holding my tongue, except with my mom. Everything results in the commitment of the listener. If people are listening you small and inconsequential, nothing to bother about, the spilling your heart bombs.


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