Nothing is Set in Stone

Breathe into Nothing

Breathe into Nothing

Life is created in the empty spaces-
those points and places between the concrete
particles that mark existence.
This emptiness is the realm of the Soul for it contains the abstraction
before the formation, where all things are possible.

I was thinking of atoms the other day. Atoms are mostly empty space, however we define an atom (and eventually ourselves) but the tiny particles that exist in this space. Proportionally, this space, though, is much larger than the particles.
So, what is really of greater substance-the particles or the space?
It made me think we define life in a similar way. We think the concrete points along the way are what define us. Perhaps, life actually unfolds in that empty space- the places between the concrete- because these spaces contain all the possibilities of what may become.
Maybe we should focus less on our concrete, defining points and focus a bit more on the potential space that contains them all.


6 thoughts on “Nothing is Set in Stone

  1. I love quantum level thoughts, Kimberly.There’s so much space to be filled with numerous endless possibilities it’s mind-blowing and awe inspiring at the same time!

  2. Only 4% of the universe is definable and measurable, leaving 96% that we (at this point in time) cannot measure. Dark matter, or preferably, ‘subtle energy’ is 96%, but few study it. To me, that is where all the answers lie; it’s chi, qi or God, whatever you want to call it and it is said to be commanded by thought energy. There’s a great article in the spring issue of The Optimist you might like to read – it thrilled me to think that we’re beginning to study scientifically what the ancients have known for ages. Cool stuff!

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