A Woman’s Space: The Power of the Female Body

A Woman's Space

A Woman’s Space

Recently, I completed another book, as shown above. You can find it on amazon.com, although the “Look Inside” feature is not yet active.

I created this book as I feel so often the power inherent in a woman’s body is overlooked. Even in this day and age, too many women still look upon their own bodies with a sense of distrust (and I would hesitate to say, sometimes they look upon their bodies with disgust).

So much of this comes down the stories told to and about women and our bodies. Too often, we only want part of the story – the miracle of childbirth, but to the “messy” uterine lining that makes this possible month after month. We want the breasts to be displayed for sexual provocation, but how dare the breasts be shown in public when providing life-sustaining nutrients to another.

So, this book creates a new story about women and the tissues which comprise their wondrous bodies. From the creative potential of the ovaries and the transformative powers of the vagina to the sense of desire from the clitoris and the sense of expression from the throat area, a woman’s body is her space in this world.

Only when a woman can come to OWN this space and all it represents will she be at home in this world.

This book is very expensive ($21.99). There is only one reason for this- the book contains images of my art work. Any time you print images in color, it approximately triples the price.

My creation of such works is not driven by a need to sell them. The creation of the work is driven by a need to form coherent expression and share it. So, if you would like a copy- please e-mail me at kim@soulhealingart.com.

I will be happy to provide you with a copy if you send me your mailing address. It may take a little time, as I am going on vacation in a week or so. But, I will make sure to send you a copy. (I can get the copies for a much reduced price.)

If you would like a book, please consider it a gift- a passing along of a message that I feel is so very important. Your interest in such a work is payment enough.


16 thoughts on “A Woman’s Space: The Power of the Female Body

  1. I expect this is a great book, if your words here are any measure. A great gift for young women just forming their opinions of their bodies. (And older ones, who could use a self-correction!)

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