The Generation of Death

Rise Above

Rise Above

The generative death
when letting go
allows another part to grow.

I think too often we only look at death (in any form- it can be the death of a behavior, relationship, etc.) as loss. We forget the generative aspects of death- the recycling of materials so newness may grow.

I thought it may be helpful to think of death in a generative sense when we must let something go. Perhaps, we could honor the energy of this transition by welcoming in the generative life force of transformation that always accompanies death.

Maybe this helps us embrace letting go – not ignoring the sense of grief and loss that is may entail, for to do so, would be telling a lie to ourselves- but rather, within the mix of the process, engendering some hope, excitement, and wishes for the activation of the generative force of renewal. This is also part of the process- and it is often overlooked. We can become stuck in the loss and the past, rather then the future generation which may ensue.


7 thoughts on “The Generation of Death

  1. Thanks Kim…as I have just experienced a great loss this is such meaningful words for me to take to heart! It is like a breath of fresh air to look at it in a different way. Have a wonderful Memorial Day! ♡

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