Fly By



Not every destination point in life
is always for our attainment.
Some, we simply fly by, witnessing them from
a distance.
These goals had set our flight course, without them
our route would have been very different.

I was thinking about “missed goals” when I wrote this. We may not always understand why something evolved in our lives and came to fruition and why it did not. I pictured these missed goals as destination points in the flight of our lives.
Sometimes, we end up flying past a goal to a new destination. That does not mean we failed and the goal did not serve a purpose. The goal set the course for our flight, and there is a gift in that.


5 thoughts on “Fly By

  1. This makes perfect sense, Kimberly. It’s similar to going on a train journey, and watching as interesting-looking stations and places pass by along the way – there’s always a chance to go and revisit them afterwards as well.

  2. I was just thinking the other day about a post I wrote about when you have to let go of a goal/dream. That sometimes, it doesn’t serve your purpose – but having had the goal did! It served a purpose to have the goal, and it guided me, but the time came when I realized that I had to let it go, the goal set my course, it had done it’s job!

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