The Infinite Part

Infinite Thoughts

Infinite Thoughts

Within this time and space, you are given
a taste of infinity

Not through the bodily from, but through
your thinking nature.

If there in part of us that is infinite, I believe it is in our ability to form one thought after another.
Our thoughts, not our bodies, are what reveal to us the nature of infinity and possibilities.
We are constantly working with a limitless ability to produce thoughts and to see endless possibilities.
This is the power behind our thoughts. We are already infinite in this manner, the real question is this- do we make it matter?
We are given a taste of infinity through our thinking, what are we learning?


One thought on “The Infinite Part

  1. Hmmm…interesting. I would say learning to direct thought energy is our greatest task. By doing so, we hone our focus and purpose. But some days, directing thought is like trying to catch loose pigs. 😉

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