Lost his Way


A man has lost his way,
when he spends the majority
of his day
listening to his Mind
trying to explain itself
to his Heart.

The heart does not speak the same language as the Mind. The mind use comparison while the heart uses unification. One divides, one joins.
The heart, even with translation, simply does not understand many of the thoughts and actions that arise in the Mind.
When someone does not speak in our native tongue to us, we hear the sounds, the rhythms, but they have no meaning. This is what the heart experiences with the brain’s meandering thoughts- lots of sounds, little meaning.

This lack of understanding by the heart, actually excites the brain further, encouraging more explanations (and justifications) for ideas, such as greed, anger, judgment, which have no resonance within the heart’s ears.

Similar to a person trying to “explain” something to another that does not speak the same language, the brain, symbolically speaks LOUDER and more slowly, with wild gestures, attempting to convince the heart of the meaning behind the brain’s thinking.

The heart listens without comprehending, sticking instead, to its own drum-beat rhythm.

I think this is how we get ourselves in trouble. We keep trying to “explain” things to our hearts, when our hearts have no ability to hear and understand such insane reasoning.


6 thoughts on “Lost his Way

  1. So ironic to have these two often opposing forces at work inside ourselves. I suppose a yin-yang relationship vying for balance. I also realized that meditation is one way to quiet the ‘noise in the head’ so we can listen to the voice of the heart.
    I find the artwork quite striking today. Your use of color is wonderful.

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