Hope and Help

Part of Whole

Part of Whole

You are part of the Whole.
You Exist within the Everything.
You can not isolate Yourself.
You can not separate Yourself.
Your Being is a sacred space within
all of Existence.

My work has been very interesting as of late. I really like the people I work with. They are good, caring people. But, I have noticed a trend at my particular campus. We seem to be a group that ends up in worse situations than where we originally started. I don’t think anyone intends this and it is a little disconcerting to witness.

But, it’s as if we were to be playing poker. We are dealt a terrible, horrible hand and ask for 4 different cards. Somehow, the 4 cards we get are actually worse than the original set.

As I have been assigned to handle some things that are quite large, I was thinking “I need some help here.” ( I am normally independent, perhaps to a fault, at work.)

I was only thinking the thought of help. I really didn’t say anything. Lo and behold, I have received help from surprising places- help that I really could embrace. It’s amazing to feel a part of something that is attempting to be functional.

We are never separated and we are never isolated. We simply can’t be. We are part of the Everything.


4 thoughts on “Hope and Help

  1. I LOVE how the universe works. I am always a bit surprised when it works fast, so soon after a thought or request. I’m always grateful (“TY Universe!”), and laugh at myself for being surprised. “Of course it works,” I chuckle, “silly me!” 🙂

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