Belly Flop

Belly FLop

Belly FLop

You can not be liberated
from your worries
and concerns solely
through belief.

It is in the undertaking of action,
the flexing of the psychical, spiritual,
intellectual, and physical “muscles”
that trust in one’s capabilities is gained.
I liked this little image. As most of you know, my art begins with lines and then I see what emerges. This figure looks so bold to me, although, it appears to be getting ready to do a belly flop.

I have been thinking a lot lately about how we desire confidence, etc. As I wrote yesterday, I am in a situation at work that is pushing at my confidence buttons.

We will never have confidence in our abilities if we do not put them to the test. Confidence is not simply a state of mind, a mantra, or belief. True confidence arises from knowing and knowing often is the result of experiencing.

May I express gratitude for this situation which allows me to experience my abilities and thus, in the truest of processes, leads to knowing my capabilities.


10 thoughts on “Belly Flop

  1. So weird, I’m in a leadership role with a volunteer organization – and it is short term, but all of the sudden our venue is gone and now it’s time to find a new one… and one of the members is going to make me spin my wheels as I have to give consideration to her ideas – but in the end, use discernment and release the rest. I don’t know if it helps or hurts me knowing that she’s going to create an issue… but you are spot on – if we don’t use our self-confidence, it can whither away and I appreciate all of these challenges to show me how strong a capable I am! And you’re the same, you got this!!

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