To Become

Only One

Only One

To become something
one must be
willing to
be different.

I think sometimes when we want to change, to become something different, our intentions are sound. Where we may stumble is in the discomfort we may feel when we begin to act or “be” different.
In stages of growth, the new patterns of being are unfamiliar.
We try something new. It may or may not work. We make a correction. Try again. Now we realize we have overcompensated and overcorrected. Try again. All the while feeling a bit awkward in our new manifestation.
Again and again, we must be willing to embrace the feelings of unfamiliarity until we learn the pattern of successfully be-ing something different.


7 thoughts on “To Become

  1. Alas, it is for some the only way to change trajectories and mind-sets… a space and experience through which one can emerge wiser and stronger. True tests can be challenging, as can be uncomfortable transformation. It’s the renewed outcome that matters.

  2. I was talking with my yoga instructor on IG, (she’s in Canada, I watch via YouTube), and mentioned how I hated pigeon pose in the beginning it was so hard, and it hurt. She asked how I got over that, and I told her, practice, patience and leaning into the discomfort! 🙂

    • Kate, since I met you, I now feel so cool because now I know what “IG” stands for. It’s funny how some yoga poses can bring up such strong negative feelings in us !! 🙂 Cracks me up whenever I experience it, because I get so dramatic in my own mind.

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