Do not live
Your Life
as if it
were one
for Your


Some live life as if they need to apologize, to make up for the beautiful gift of existence.

You never have to apologize for existing.  Apologies may be necessary in a given moment, but one’s life need not be lived as one long apology.

You are here.  You  were born.  Accept this and move from apology into wisdom.





6 thoughts on “Apology

  1. I read once in a NDE book (Anita Moorjani perhaps??) that in the spiritual realm we are forgiven before we commit the offense. Now that doesn’t allow for deliberate, crazy, bad behavior (there’s still karma), but you try the best you can and mistakes are one of the ways we learn. How’s that for smooth sailing? The idea is that it is all good, regardless. Just BE. 🙂

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