Only Man,
in his infinite self-aggrandizing,

“Divine” wisdom,
builds walls of fear and anger,
calls it “religion”
and insists, with all sincerity,
that this is the way to Heaven.


3 thoughts on “Building

  1. The thing I find with Divine wisdom is that it is also made up by man, just like the idea of heaven.
    Everything a human knows is only through the known, and everything known is of the known, from the past.
    So the so called new to the human may have a different cover but is always of the same known or known-unknown.
    Thus to come up with different covers of the past, Human created religion, as a way to be away, to obtain pleasure of the past knowledge. And when the human is free from the accumulation of this knowledge, a very different way of experience may arise.

    I do believe, that every human has the ability to look at the unknown-unknown 🙂
    Thank you for sharing and I am thankful for letting me share!

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