The Most Vulnerable Point for Writers

Writing Reflection

Writing Reflection

The most vulnerable point for writers
is when
the the artist opens
the door for
the inner critic
slams it in rejection.


Why does artistic reflection lead to a sense of critical rejection in one’s mind? Why can’t we simply say we are in the space of “reflection” when reviewing our work? That keeps the door open. Rejection (even our own internal brand) simply closes it.


2 thoughts on “The Most Vulnerable Point for Writers

  1. Could it be mind-set or attitude, Kimberly? I believe we can invite and allow our mind to engage, appreciatively, when in that ‘reflective’ space. After all, the alternative isn’t as attractive. 🙂

  2. That’s exactly why I never go back and read my past postings and look at my past work. It’s a real eye-opener to see how far (in my own mind) I’ve come from that first inspiration. I’m sure to an outside user that may not be true – but to me I feel like I grow with each and every post.

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