Another Mantra for Dealing with Narcissists



I use mantras all the time. In fact, I listen to mantras so often while driving that my stepkids and I refer to my car as the “Mantra Mobile”. I have them playing in the background while cooking, helping with homework, and even when no one is the room, I leave them playing to clear the air.

All of the mantras I listen to are not in English- that does not lessen their power, of course.

But at times, given that I have narcissist near by, I find myself creating mantras to help me understand and find my power within this harmful dynamic (any time you interact with a narcissist, it is harmful.)

My current mantra has been this “I honor that in any given situation I am free to respond as needed based on my principles, understanding, and awareness.”

I use this mantra because sometimes when I interact with a narcissist, I call forth some pretty base behaviors. Why? Because sometimes those are the only behaviors a narcissist will “see” and “understand”. At other times, I have lied, hidden things, and denied something in order to protect my loved ones from the wrath of a narcissist. Still at other times, I have given in to the narcissist to maintain peace.

What the mantra affirms for me is that dealing with a narcissist is very, very difficult. It may require us to pull out behaviors that we would prefer to not have to engage in.

We can honor that we are doing the best we can, and that our principles, understanding, and awareness are leading us to the best possible (infinite) solutions. There is no right or wrong when dealing with a narcissist- there is awareness and understanding that each moment may require a unique response from us.


15 thoughts on “Another Mantra for Dealing with Narcissists

  1. Thank you for sharing this. There are times I want to rip her face off. I find myself thinking and acting as a narcissist myself at times. Staying true to myself by treating her with agape love hasn’t made a spit of difference, but on the other end described, I feel soiled. I’m having great difficulty finding balance. I would like to get to a place of total indifference. Easier said then done with a narc. They can truly bring out the worst in us. Thank you again for sharing your experience and mantra about this.

    • Oh, i can relate- I, too, vacillate between wanting to flip her off (which I just did tonight, several times) and, wanting on the other hand, take the high road. I can also so relate that “agape love” is completely ineffective…seriously. It’s like throwing good energy down a black hole. I am sorry you are having such a difficult time. I truly wish you the best! 🙂

  2. wonderful insights!
    this statement, of yours, is so truthful, and worth using as a mantra…
    ‘there is awareness and understanding that each moment may require a unique response from us.’
    I listen to many CDs of mantras!

  3. Powerful post, honest and one I really thank you for. Standing up to a narcissist and staying in love is so so difficult. Your gut reaction is to volley back the negativity with a dose of your own. You have given me food for thought. Bless you!

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