The Past



God does not live
in the Past.
So why do you
keep returning to it?


8 thoughts on “The Past

  1. You ask a good question. This question burned in my mind and eventually I discovered an answer that I can accept and that also assists me to be strong in the present. So, first off, the past is necessary. If it were not in the present with us, we wold not have a useful history, little if any language, and we would still be entirely primitive in all other ways. We can learn from our past. So, returning to the past is necessary. However, as a spiritual practice (you know probably that I do not mean religious when I say spiritual), we must be in presence and particularity in a state of presence that is allowing the images and the thoughts or emotions and so forth of the past, of memories, to be off in a still place of detachment. Inside this, we find presence of the still mind. Here is a choiceless mind. Here is quiet peaceful mind. Here also is awareness Pleroma (the totality of divine power).

    Progress continues.

    We haven’t had a little chat for quite some time. You are well Kimberly?


  2. This is a harder one that I’ve worked on – there is no need to bring up the past and keep ruminating over it, it’s not healthy, I’ve lived it, done it, it was successful or not, but there is no need to take up residence there again! It’s hard for me when it comes to mistakes or issues… sometimes I go visit past mistakes and I have to make myself stop and remind myself that I’m forgiven, and come back to the Now.

    • Kate, I can so relate. I do the same thing. I become all dramatic about something I did in the past, that I truly can not change. I will put a lot of focus and energy into something that is no longer even there. Definitely working on this…

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