The Substance behind the substance
is always the same.
Only the form changes.
You must ask yourself-
Are you dealing with the form or the Substance?

A little mantra I have been using lately is this “The Substance is always the same. Only the form is different.”
It reminds me that so much of what we see and interact with is superficial and temporary.
The true Substance of everything remains behind the superficial substance and form that we see.
I think we can take a sense of peace from the fact that the real Substance is unaltered, even if we are having a difficult time with some of the forms.


4 thoughts on “Substance

  1. I actually like this as it can apply to me, I know my inner substance and honor that, but sometimes my outside form changes as I drawn closer to – or further away from – the Substance. I am one of those, my outsides have changes as I’ve grown, matured, learned life lessons, some of my forms haven’t been pleasant, so it’s nice to know that there are people in my life who can look past that and see the truth in me! It is a good mantra for us all, so that we can see the truth, the substance, in others, whether it is light or dark!

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