The Lesson



If the supply is infinite,
are you the limitation?

Can you know the ocean by
studying a singular wave?

I was thinking the other day that if God/Love is infinite- then where does our sense of limitation arise? Are we the limitation upon what is otherwise infinite?

I have been holding onto this idea the last couple of days- simply having the mantra- “I am in the infinite, without limitation”.

Along those lines, I saw painting of the ocean, and I was marveling at how the artist depicted a particular wave- and I thought – this is how we try to understand Love- wave by wave (action by action) when we are really immersed in the ocean.


8 thoughts on “The Lesson

  1. I find that it’s almost always the lack of faith that brings doubt into the equation. It’s so easy to suffer from that issue when you are constantly bombarded by “scientists” and “experts” telling you what you SHOULD believe.

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