Creating You



Is your Being
the result of your will-ful creation


Did you arise from God’s
infinite Ocean?


15 thoughts on “Creating You

  1. What a great question to ponder! I think we arise from God’s ocean, but than the world does us harm and sometimes our own willful creation does us harm too. So I am all about getting back in touch with how God made us, with what He intended for us before we grew up and got all wise and jaded. Once we manage that, our own willful creation tends to be more authentic, more beautiful and pleasing.

  2. The picture of the shell reminds me of a water vessel (I guess it is), which I think is an awesome analogy for your thought provoking question. Yes; we are arisen from God’s infinite ocean ~ with the ability to use our will for our own creation. We fill the vessel, empty the vessel, re-fill, spill, over and over. I believe we are co-creating our masterpiece.

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