Owning It – With Your Favorite Narcissist



Never lie to yourself-

The Narcissist works very, very hard to OWN you

for one specific reason-
to fulfill a primal need within every Narcissist-
to eventually be able to exert the (perceived) power to fully and completely


Narcissist do not attempt to “own” you because they love you or want you or even desire you. Narcissists are always driven by anger and hate.

Their one goal in working so hard to “own” you (and at times they will work very hard to do this- they will shower you with gifts, attention, etc.- all so that your thoughts and feelings begin to be focused on him or her. This is the narcissist’s attempt to “own” these parts of you.)

The Narcissist does not want You, though. You are a prop, a set piece, in the Narcissistic drama. Nothing more than that.

And when the Narcissist is feeling heady or needing a power fix- they, after working so hard to gain you, will exert the ultimate power trip (in their sick mind) of disowning you.

With a narcissist, you are being owned so you can be disowned.


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