Soul Mantra

Envy of the Birds

Envy of the Birds

In loss or suffering,

Remember the Soul mantra-

“I am the Phoenix reborn.”

Sometimes we wonder how people can possibly go on after profound suffering and loss. As I was walking (in a beautiful snow storm last evening) and saw the lights from our home, I thought to myself “I am the Phoenix” – that is how we are able to carry on.
Your Soul can not stay immersed in the ashes, when the call of the Soul is to Arise in transformation.

8 thoughts on “Soul Mantra

  1. That’s a lovely drawing. It looks like Pi, the math symbol. That fits in well with the circular nature of things, with rebirth and regeneration, which really is like a phoenix rising. In the bible we would call that being handed beauty for ashes. Even grief and loss can serve a purpose, although we wish no one ever had to experience it.

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