The Shared Destiny



The whole world is a prisoner of
being blind to one’s purpose.

I think a destiny for each of us is to wonder, at times, if we are fulfilling our purpose.

None of us are told our purpose- it is our destiny to not see, but to discover, this inside of each of us.


8 thoughts on “The Shared Destiny

  1. Our higher self speaks to us everyday. It’s just a matter of clearing the blocks and raising our vibration to be in tune with our inner voice. The more creatively free we allow ourselves to be, the more connected to our higher self we become…at least that’s my experience. 🙂

      • He tells the story like this: You are driving from the east coast to the west coast, but you can only drive at night. Your headlights can only see 200′ of road. You can’t see anymore than that, but you trust that eventually you will get there, you don’t have to see the whole path before you; it will unfold and you deal with it as it comes.

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