Puddles or Oceans ?

Boat to Heaven

Boat to Heaven

While the mind becomes entangled
in imagined puddles on the horizon,
the Soul, quietly, navigates
the Ocean.

This makes me think of how the mind can become focused on small, minute problems (puddles on the horizon) that may or may not come to fruition.
During the mind’s focus on the small, fleeting collections of water, our Souls bravely navigate the entire oceans of our lives.
I ask myself- where should my focus be-
puddles or ocean?


7 thoughts on “Puddles or Oceans ?

  1. LOL, that is totally me – I tend to get obsessed over the little puddles and totally ignore the big ocean! Sometimes it is stress, and sometimes those little puddles are a great distraction so I don’t have to focus on the ocean! Nothing like a little head in the sand! πŸ™‚

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