The Plug and Play Method of Your Favorite Narcissist



In the narcissist’s life, never overlook the fact that he or she views your relationship with him or her as similar to a “plug and play” electronic device.

In your relationship with the narcissist, the narcissist views you as someone whose sole purpose is to perform for him or her without requiring any real input/upkeep/or engagement on the narcissist’s part.

The narcissists “plugs” you in and you are expected to “play” or perform for him or her based on the narcissist’s needs.

Otherwise, you will be forgotten.

Ever wonder how a narcissist moves on so quickly after a relationship ends?

Simple- they moved on and found a new device to plug and play.

And that new device, I guarantee you, will be performing the exact some function as you did in the narcissist’s life.

THe narcissist never changes, they simply move on and find different devices with which to play.


12 thoughts on “The Plug and Play Method of Your Favorite Narcissist

  1. That’s really well said. A plug and play device, indeed. Unfortunately, you get to be the power source. I sometimes speak of emotional vampires, of bloodletting, of those who try to drain your very life energy. I like your version better however, not as ghoulish 😉

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  3. This is so true. He would literally have dated any girl who gave him the time of day. It didn’t matter as long as they were at least passingly attractive (not ugly), and if they were willing to make him the center of their universe without question or doubt. I wanted to believe I was special to him, but everything he did to me, and hearing about how un-picky he truly was, makes me realize I never meant anything at all to him.

  4. I found myself on a “rotation”. He’d be satisfied with his video games for a while, then it would be movis, then me (usually one-sided attention seeking where I would have to sit and listen to everything wrong in his world with no chance at being able to reciprocate). Then football season, then the whole cycle started again. Our relationship was over long before I left. I’m not sure you would even call it a relationship.

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