Creative Spark



To witness the brightness of the creative spark,
you must be willing to sit in the darkness of unknowing.

I liked this image.
It made me think of the spark of creativity, and I don’t mean “creative” in simply an artistic sense.
We create in innumerable ways, as we grow, adapt and rise to the challenges of life.
Sometimes, we are in the “darkness” of unknowing and can’t get a sense of which direction to take next, whether in our art or in our lives.

We can not truly appreciate the brightness of the creative spark, however, without first being a bit in the dark.

The brighter the spark seems, the more likely we have been in the darkness.

Perhaps it is the darkness that truly allows the spark to grab our attention.


8 thoughts on “Creative Spark

  1. There are so many times we appear to be contemplating the same things, Kim!! Just this past week I thought about creating “art” and my mind went much further to encompass all the things we create in a day…right down to the most basic thing…our thoughts!! Love it!! 🙂

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