The known future is a repeated past.

I created this little image with the idea of “certainty” in mind.

Sometimes, we find assurance and reassurance in the sense of certainty we may attempt to create in our lives.
We feel “certain” about some things we are doing or not doing.

A sense of strength can come from this sense of knowing.

The flip side, though, is that certainty can be a weighted limitation hanging over our head. Potentials are removed when we speak in certainties.

When we are so certain about something, especially something in the future, we must remind ourselves that certainty in the future arises from basing our assumptions on the past.

Certainty is the past carried into the future. This is not always a problem, but it is also not always a solution.

sidenote: when I wrote about certainty here, I was not intending to disregard the intuitive sense we all sometimes rely on. I believe intuition is one of our primary guides and can enable us to feel very certain about something and take up positive action as a result.


10 thoughts on “Future

  1. I never thought about it in those terms… but wow… when we know something in the future for certain… it is totally based upon our past!! That is kinda eye opening for me. I know I get that our lives are colored by our past and we tend to bring it forward, but I guess I never thought about the times I felt “certain” about the future!

    • I had really been thinking about “certainty” in my life and how it sometimes limits me to possibilities. I realized that such certainty arises from my past experiences and I wanted to open myself up to different experiences. By the way, doing unprocessed foods- one item at a time!!

      • Excellent on the unprocessed! That is really how I did it – I started with one thing at a time, and then just kept eliminating as I went! Of course, I say that, as I just put a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese on my egg white and veggie omelet. LOL, but I don’t beat myself up over it!

      • Perfect! The Laughing Cow bit had me laughing. That is exactly what I am doing. I try to do everything unprocessed by one thing (sometimes it is that one thing that brings everything together). I don’t know if you experienced this- but I am much less hungry when I am eating this way.

      • I don’t know if I ever made the connection that I was less hungry, but I did notice the better I was eating, the less I was “craving”. The more I eliminated processed, the less I craved it and thus the less I was eating! (I think it has to do with all of the hidden sugars that come with processed foods, because sugar will always trigger the brain to want more. I am bad about needing “how” and “why” for things! LOL, so I’m an avid clicker and read way too many articles!)

  2. “The known future is a repeated past.”

    This is not at all the case if one learns from a previous mistake. It seems to me that what you mean to be talking about here isn’t ‘certainty’ but inappropriate fear. Fear is appropriate and very healthy, however when it paralyses us into inaction or forces us to continue to make the same mistakes because we are afraid of making a mistake by doing something differently…well, that seems to me what you are trying to get across.

    I’m reminded here of the difference between communication and expression. With expression we simply intend to get something out, we know what we mean to say and that’s good enough. With communication we intend to get a particular thing across and take care to see that it happens, knowing what we mean isn’t good enough if our speech isn’t clear or has to be clarified. There are any number of good-sounding reasons as to why we end up expressing something rather than communicating it, but it seems to me that we all (me included) need to constantly attend to whether or not we are merely expressing something or communicating it.

    Many of life’s problems stem from communication issues and especially where relationships are concerned.

    • Hi, thanks for this comment. I really was not writing about fear. I was actually writing about the opposite- people who are so certain that they see no other possibilities or ways of being. Although, to touch on your idea of fear, to me, such certainty is frightening. I find that such certainty arises from people’s past experiences.
      I think we should all be careful of limiting infinite possibilities by our certainty.

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