To Love, you must not only be able to see
the one before you,
but also recognize the “you” in the one
who stands before you.

Humanity occurs when we recognize the human-ness in others-
the human-ness beyond the labels, stereotypes, projections, labels, and compartmentalizing.

Basically, humanity occurs when we recognize the “other” we are looking at is also a piece of us.


15 thoughts on “Humanity

    • This may sound nice to say, however it hides dangerous notions. Whatever our similarities it is in many important cases where our differences are much more important. Context is important. We must recognise the ‘other’ in the ‘self’ and the ‘self’ in the ‘other’, true, but we must recognise when those others pose a meaningful danger: the how, the what, the why. Extolling the platitude of ‘we’re all human’ or ‘we’re all God’s children’ ought not prevent us from recognising the both the danger of a Trump presidency and the disgusting stupidity of racial segregation.

      We must never be afraid to judge and judge harshly. HOWEVER in order to do this we must proceed with all due epistemic humility and recognise that we have the capacity to be wrong, that we must work toward fixing our mistakes immediately, and in doing all of this hold less to universals that have little place in any conversation concerning the Humanities and ‘soft sciences’.

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