Momentous Thoughts

Witnessing Thoughts

Witnessing Thoughts

Down the surface of my mind,
thoughts slide past.

Each one individually contained,
I do not notice them piling up

creating a mass with its own



This image reminded me of standing at a window pane and watching rain drops trail down the surface. Here, though, I imagined the little circles as thoughts that I am witnessing.

One or two thoughts seem so innocent and small, but as the image shows, even our smallest thoughts, when repeated, can begin to take on a large form with its own mass and momentum.

One tiny thought can be contained.

One tiny thought, excessively repeated, can take on a life much larger than its individual size.

May we use this understanding to create lives of understanding and compassion.

Our ideas of a better life do not need to be large and grandiose.

They can simply be based on one tiny thought of awareness, endlessly repeated, at at time.


6 thoughts on “Momentous Thoughts

  1. Part of my daily meditation involves a big tree in my brain, letting all of the leaves float to the ground to be recycled into compost to feed the tree… And all of those leaves are all of the extra thoughts in my head, all of the thoughts I don’t need piling up in my head being released. It’s a good exercise for me so they pile up on me!

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