Working on Your Stabilizers

Saintly Form

Saintly Form

Willful strength
may allow you to overpower any obstacle

but it is Awareness that enables
you to transcend.

I have noted a string of nagging injuries this year, and so have been inspired to read about biomechanics, proper alignment, etc.

And I have been struck again how the body is such powerful teacher.

Basically, as many of us do, I have been allowing my strongest muscles and tendons to take on the burden of compensating for poor mobility and biomechanics. And this had worked for several decades, but no longer.

Even the strongest structures in the body need support in order to be able to function properly.

I had been fooling myself that I was “fine” as long as the largest, strongest muscles could power through the limitations present.

But those limitations are compromising the whole system.

I thought about how this dynamic can apply to all aspects of our lives. I think throughout our lives we develop certain strengths – our “go to” responses, if you will.

Maybe yours is your highly developed compassion or empathy or high work ethic or social organization skills or whatever.

We go to this well again and again to get us through the next moment in life, just as we call upon our large physical muscles to complete the next athletic move.

What if, though, just like in the body, our “go to” overdeveloped response is no longer able to compensate for our limitations?

As I am learning with my body, perhaps we need to return to working the “stabilizers” in our lives.

In the body, the stabilizers are the small muscles, that as the name implies, stabilize the joints. This allows the more powerful muscle to do what they are designed to do- generate power.

Perhaps, as we age, and we see things no longer working for us as they once did, we need to step back and stop over-developing certain traits that may no longer serve us.

We may find better results working on our energetic and emotional “stabilizers” – those smaller, behind the scenes, actions and thoughts that stabilize us, rather than calling upon our overdeveloped responses.

13 thoughts on “Working on Your Stabilizers

  1. What an interesting and valuable perspective, Kim. I have been noticing over the past three years where my alignment is “out” and I get it that it may be about returning to old strengths which aren’t really our true or best supports in the now. This has really given me something to reflect on. Thank you. ❤

  2. I so agree! Here is a spot where we are walking the same path, I’ve been working to strengthen my “over-all” and not just rely on my big muscles. I have new books to read, and more I’m looking into in order to assist my growth and my balance, making sure all of my muscles are being used, and I’m not overcompensating! 🙂 This brings me joy this morning! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Kate, I was so happy to read this. I am reading some great books as well. I also bought a Physique 57 DVD- it has kicked my butt!!! but made me realize there are some muscles I have definitely not been using. I am like “oh my goodness- there is actually blood flow to areas that have been stagnant much too long”!

      • Kate, I have so been wanting to write to you. You had been on my mind the past two days. I will tell you why, but then I got your holiday card!!! What a beautiful blessing!!! I couldn’t believe it. YOu have been on my mind, as I have been wanting to change my diet and I could not determine what I wanted to do. Then, suddenly, I remembered your “unprocessed” challenge and that was what I decided to do. It’s amazing how we can all impact each other’s lives. My current goal (as I am beginning small) is to have only 1 processed item per meal. actually, that sounds a little sad as I write it 🙂

      • That is a great goal Kim!! I’ve felt better going more whole and less processed, and it really is just one thing at a time – it is one of those things that as I use something processed, I mentally think about how to make it from scratch next time. And I just do that over and over again, one thing at a time! I started by eliminating box meals (hamburger helper) and then I eliminated the “cream of” soups and made a dry mix that I use when I need it… but it is surprising how little I need it! It’s actually a recipe I got from OrtsofSorts, and I’ll have to message her to get it for you! Feel free to email me, or find me on Pinterest (and kateandmrt on Pinterest)! I’m so excited for you and your journey!! There is so much fun to be had going unprocessed and changing things up! 🙂

      • Kate, thank you so much for your support. I was so inspired by you and OrtofSorts. You made it all look so “do-able”. I guess I just reached a point where I said to myself “I am not a piece of junk, so why do I keep feeding myself junky food?”Anyway, my sincerest thanks!! for sharing your journey.

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