The Sun



We sit upon the World
of our Thoughts, slowly
sliding over the edge
into darkness.

In the Light, we can’t
remember the fear of the Dark
and in the Dark, we can’t
remember the touch of Light.

The Light of the Sun, though, remains
impervious to our thought-less rotations
For the Sun does not require us
to remember, because the Sun never forgets.

I think this is what most of us go through each day. We sometimes feel confident, full of light and love.

Other times, we slip over the world of our thoughts into darkness, and can’t remember the sense of Lightness that felt so powerful.

The word Sun is obviously playing upon the idea of Son and God.

We sometimes believe we must be the ones remembering and holding it all together. This is not true.

Being human, we may remember, we may forget. We vacillate between the two.

No worries, though, for the Sun (Son) always remembers.


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