A Rainbow of Options

Rainbow of Options

Rainbow of Options

God gave You a rainbow of options
to use-

Why do you insist on removing
some of the colors?

I had an interesting talk with a therapist the other day. She was talking about anger and how so many people think anger is a “bad” response and should be curtailed, at the least, and removed altogether, for the best.

I have never understood this hierarchy of thinking.

It reminds me of the chakras, and believing that you progress upwards through the chakras. That is not true.

All chakras must be open and balanced for an individual to be healthy. It does no good to have widely open sixth and seventh chakras, while the first two are so dysfuctional that the person can barely function in the real world.

I see a similar partitioning of associations when I teach my pathophysiology course. A physician friend and I were talking the other day about how patients may delay seeking help for gastrointestinal issues because of embarrassment and the “low” function we associate with this system.

A functioning GI tract is just as important to any one’s overall health as any other tissue.

When we label things as “bad”, we set ourselves up for ineffective understanding and actions.

This is true for anger. Anger is associated with boundaries. In that way, it is more of a first chakra issue. That does not make it any less valuable.

Anger is the red of the rainbow of options. Would you sometimes prefer to use the green of the heart and seek understanding? Sure.

How about the blue of the throat and communicate and compromise your way to resolution with the other person? That would be great.

Or what if you could just live in the sparkly purple of spirituality and rise above everything that has ever pissed you off? Even better!

But, this is what needs to be remembered- we were given a rainbow of options for a reason.

By fighting for our space, anger helps the other colors of the rainbow emerge.

18 thoughts on “A Rainbow of Options

  1. Love this. Even in the bible there is a passage that says, “be ye angry…” Anger serves a vital purpose in the world and needn’t be a negative thing at all.

    That lowly GI tract, one might even say it is the most important system in our body. It’s simply astounding how much our health depends on it. Most of our immune system lives there and some 80 % of all our body’s energy goes towards digestion and elimination. We like to think it goes to our brains 😉

  2. Bless you Kimberly this is a wonderful post. Such damage is done when we tell kids or anyone that anger is bad. Without it we get sick and we need to understand what it is trying to tell us. I am reading a wonderful book at the moment which focuses on the brain in the gut. We have been taught by past collective conditioning to override this with the brain but the cost is the development of a false self, of despair, depression and feelings of profound emptiness. Thanks for this, I love the idea of the rainbow body. ((–))

  3. It seems to me that this has everything to do with the uneducated notion that anything that doesn’t immediately (or almost immediately) create a positive psychological state is bad. This binds up our various concepts and creates a whole host of issues, much to complex to respond to in a comment.

  4. Addendum:

    Your work seems to me best when it focus on abstractions and less on the accurate or even semi-accurate portrayal of concrete images (e.g. hands, bodies). Set out your work over the past, say, six-months and see whether or not you think there is merit in that criticism.

    • I usually see my work as a progressive whole- each part contributing to the next. Some pieces are better than others, but the poorer pieces tend to provide a venue for the better items to emerge.

  5. Excellent way to address how vital and valid every emotion is! We have to respect every emotion and learn to deal with them in a healthy manner. I have a 15 minute meditation I do every week that runs me through all of the chakras. I like the mini -tune-up it gives me, and helps me stay connected to myself… and my lower and higher functions! 🙂 Great post Kim!

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