Artistic Redemption

Kundalini Rising

Kundalini Rising

My art has sucked all day.
Think- “mud brown” – for the color scheme I seemed intent on making.
My eyes were constantly deceiving me.
I would look at the picture and like it, and then I would see it in another light, or through my camera, and hate it.
I would look again and realize what I was imaging was not aligning with how the picture actually appeared.
Even my camera was not cooperating. I would take an image- it would look fine, only to upload it and realize the image was out of focus and shaky.

You know, sometimes I think the spirit is willing, but the body and mind are tired. I have been working on a very large project since June. I am down to having to complete ~43 key items during the month of December. (You know it it is bad when you are literally calculating number of items left, percentage of items completed, and so on. Have you ever found yourself doing that?)

I am tired of pushing and motivating myself.

My eyes were trying to show me today that I am just not seeing things as they are.

Finally, before I left for the day, I wanted to just play and the above image appeared. To me, it looks like kundalini rising.

This image reminded me of something. The fatigue of the body and mind are temporary, but no less real because of this temporal limitation Spirit, however, exists beyond such constraints of time. Spirit is always present, strong, and willing.

Sometimes, like my art showed me today, we need to be reminded that Spirit is stronger than any of our limitations.


9 thoughts on “Artistic Redemption

  1. it seems as if its time for you to give yourself a ‘break’! love your work!
    as they say in Ashtanga yoga, after the series is completed, ‘lay down, take rest’!

  2. Love and needed this message today. I just finished a challenging event, and it created a conflict that will not be repaired, and I had to quickly be able to deal with it and when I finally got to slow down, and I’m feeling a bit discombobulated, I open your art and the reminder that this too shall pass, and that the Spirit is so much stronger than my limitations!

    • Kate, I am so glad you wrote this. I really hope all is o.k. and I am glad my posting could help in any small way. I have to say, I felt equally inspired by your posting today. I finally was just honest about who I am when I had a conversation with someone this morning. And it felt so good to be honest in that way. Take care of your beautiful heart 🙂

  3. “I am down to having to complete ~43 key items during the month of December.”

    What is your project?

    My recent journal entry attests to the stall in completing Figures earlier, however there are only two pieces of initial text left to write and then structure thirteen pieces (including those two). I’ll be sending you the initial text for most recent pieces of initial text, ‘Meaningful Distinction’ and ‘Monsters Among Us’, as well as the first draft of the paper I am writing with the latter being in .pdf.

    You will be unfamiliar with the subject matter but I believe you will be able to take something from it as well as appreciate the paper once you finish reading it. It’s only thirteen pages (three pages of end-notes), so it shouldn’t take you any time at all to finish when you get the chance to read it.

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