What’s Next….Transposed

Who's Next?

Who’s Next?

When we hear about or witness conscious acts
of violence, we are at once rooted to the moment,
and also transported to the immediate future
as we ask wisely,

“What’s next?”

For as we know, one act of violence is never
Violence is a consumptive force and to be maintained,
the force must be fed.

“What’s next?” “What’s next?”- the ceaseless refrain,
quickly transposes to “Who’s next?”

As protective instincts and
acts of prevention are envisioned

A life or more to save, as
Violence feeds to live.

Fear is the natural response to hearing about or witnessing acts of violence. It is not only the initial violent act that carries so much weight for us.

We intuitively know that violent urges are never satisfied. If they were, the violence would die.

Violence must be fed, and feed it does, relentlessly, until it encounters a force greater than itself.

Violence will not stop itself, that would be suicide.

For some, violence is seen as the only way to be alive.


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