We are an Evolution



Wisdom is…
the ability to
see that each the moment
contains eternity,
and yet come to understand
each moment is not
the complete history.

May we each remember that a single moment does not define a history.

I think we need to be very careful, personally and globally, in these times of mass media and images to not assume one given moment represents the complete history of an event or interaction.

Stories, including our own histories, exist through a continuum. To grasp a discrete moment and use it to represent beginning, middle, and end, is, in a sense, freezing the possible evolution.

You are an evolution.

We are an evolution – without beginning, middle, nor end.


10 thoughts on “We are an Evolution

  1. We are an evolution … And must be aware of what we see is a small part. Like being shown the elephants tail and thinking “this is it!”. Later we discover that it is connected to something so much more. We are always discovering when we come from a place of evolution Kim ❤️

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