Taking One for the Team



it is all about you
and sometimes,
it is so
very not.

The above image is people (or spirits) flying into and out of the cauldron of awareness. There are times when we are facing challenges and heading into the cauldron of awareness. We are being presented with an opportunity to grow and we are just not quite there, yet.

Seldom in these times will we be at our best.

At the same time, we head into the cauldron of awareness, others are heading out of it, for the time being. Having moved through a trial or tribulation, these spirits are on the upswing, until they cycle into the cauldron again.

I created this to remind me that all transitions are temporary. Sometimes, we are heading into the fire. Sometimes, we are exiting the flames.

When we are on the side of exiting the flames, we must remember to be patient and kind to those who are just heading into their challenges. We can assist from the other side, just as we were once assisted.

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