The Sun never Rises

The Sun also Rises

The Sun also Rises

While watching the news about the attacks on Paris, I could not help but wonder about those who experienced this directly and what it must be like to take the next step in life and the next and the next.

There is the thought that always the Sun will rise the next day, no matter what horrors have transpired.

We take hope in that image and idea it represents- that a new day begins and we simply must be open to receive it.

But it is not true that the Sun rises each day. The Sun, for the most part, holds its position. We with our Earthly rotation are what rises to meet the Sun.

We rise up.

And I think of all those involved in these attacks who had to make the conscious decision to “rise up” that next morning and the energy such a decision requires and carries. The choice to lie down in fear was also an option.

Even in our darkest times, it our choice to rise to meet the Sun.


14 thoughts on “The Sun never Rises

  1. Sometimes, for some people, getting out of bed to begin the new day requires as much courage as facing a battlefield.

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