How a Woman in Menopasue Completely Changes Her Game

Menopausal Goddess

Menopausal Goddess

A Woman in Menopause

At one time, the Moon held
all the Power

Pulling Her and
creating the internal tides

And She was the shore line-
passively receiving its whims

And then the time came
when She inverted the pull

Her body, in its own silent,
timely way

Stopped responding to the
insistent Moon-call

And she smiled shrewdly to
Her Self, unbeknownst to all

Through all those years of
silently witnessing

She had been secretly
gathering up all the Moon’s power

And this allowed her to
transmute the game

She would still be influenced
by that sacred sphere

But the tidal pull had lost
its magic upon her

For She had reversed the course
and now held within Her

that which once had
a hold of Her.

As I write above, I see menopause as a very powerful time in a woman’s life. Sometimes, our culture tries to give us a negative message about this transformation. But that is ridiculous.

A transformation of such significance is, of course, going to contain a significant amount of power.

In my mind, I see a woman in menopause gathering up and capturing all the Moon-energy of her previous cycles. In menopause, no longer under the sway of the Moon as she once was, She instead uses all the Moon energy she had captured earlier.


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