Where it is Written?

Uncertain 2

Uncertain 2

Sometimes I wish my art spoke to me- just a few words, preferably with some verbs to let me in.

I create a piece and it stands- silent, asking for nothing in return.

I want to know meaning- and to be honest- purpose.

If I keep the piece, I want it to have a message, easily decoded.

I saw this as the masculine dipping down into the feminine.

A friend saw it as a mouth opened to scream in frustration.

I, too, had seen the uvula and wondered where it is written, when it has yet to be spoken, even in the quiet of the mind.


10 thoughts on “Where it is Written?

  1. Good afternoon Kimberly… I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to wander through your site this afternoon, to linger within your art and ponder your words with thought and curiosity… I must admit that I have thoroughly enjoyed myself in both endeavors.
    I must admit that my first interpretation of the art in this post was similar to that of your friend and thought how it would have been appropriate to accompany my post this morning.

    Your art certainly opens itself quite beautifully to the perception of the viewer, which leaves endless possibilities of interpretation for the enjoyment of all. Your words however, speak most beautifully in clarity of purpose and I hope they find their way into the minds of many.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and most interesting artistry with us…

    Hope your evening is most beautiful…


  2. Lots of good comments 🙂 I have similar opinion however one can’t ignore the red shade around the bulb for the reason it looks burning, desire, and bit aggressive 🙂

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