Silent No More- An Example of the Power of Voices

I will be Heard

I will be Heard

I live in a small town in Colorado and have been blessed recently to witness the strength and power of voices raised in objection to a wrong action.

Within our community, we have a Planned Parenthood clinic, servicing the needs of so many. Recently, the county commissioners decided to the not provide the funds ($1,500) that normally went to Planned Parenthood. The reason given was that a commissioner had received e-mails which made him unwilling to continue to fund Planned Parenthood.

Well, a wise, proactive woman named Ashley Johnson heard about this decision and decided to do something about it. She began a Go Fund Me campaign, Hear our Voice Fund Women’s Health. She had been hoping to raise the $1500 to cover what the county would no longer be providing.

The goal of $1500 was made and then some!! As of today, over $21,000 has been raised for Planned Parenthood and what it represents for women and women’s health. I must point out, it has not only been women raising these funds. Scroll the list of donors and you see the names of many men.

It has touched my heart and the heart of so many to see such a quick, definitive response and the power to witness how one voice becomes two and two becomes four and all it takes is for that one voice to speak and be heard.

The Voice of My Sisters

Did someone teach you, my sister, that your
voice loosed upon the world unfolds
with a strength unknown to any fist?

Have you learned, my sister,
that you must speak in
order to do more than survive?

The planets aligned upon your formation,
my sister, and now await the
ascension of your harmonious voice

What love, what visions
may pour forth when the folds
of your throat unclench

And are set to
vibrating to the
tune of your beautiful soul

If you must speak, my sister,
and of course you do,
let the question transform…

It is not “If”, my sister,
it is simply
“You must”.

You must, my sister, you must
free your voice upon this world.


4 thoughts on “Silent No More- An Example of the Power of Voices

  1. It is encouraging when backward striving forces are met with a mobilized counter-force and defeated. Hopefully, with the next generation, we will not need to use much energy on defending the progress we have already made, and instead, we’ll redirect our resources towards propelling humanity forward.

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