The Power of Peri-Menopause



The transition into menopause can be a powerful awakening for a woman.

In this image, I try to capture the energy of this transition.

During her reproductive years, a woman can be immersed in her fertility- either trying to prevent pregnancy or on the other end of the spectrum, trying to become pregnant.

I pictured this stage as a woman partially buried in the ground, with the ground representing fertility.
She is planted in this ground as she can not escape this aspect, as her relation to her fertility is part of her Being.

This is not meant to be negative, but rather speaks to the ever present immersion a woman experiences in regards to her fertility.

The image shows roots arising from the woman, as she extends portions of herself into the fertile mass, feeling her way and Being through this land.

Into this ever present connection with her sense of fertility, a woman is rooted in the world.

Although she grips this soil with her extended self, whether she conceives or not remains to be seen.

But this is but one stage of a woman’s life.

I picture the movement from reproductive stage through peri-menopause to menopause as the pulling up of these roots from the fertile soil, in a sense, freeing a woman from this part of her identity.

Free from entanglement with fertility, the woman’s roots will become branches, reaching up towards the sky, gracing the world with her gifts in another form.


9 thoughts on “The Power of Peri-Menopause

  1. “Free from entanglement with fertility, the woman’s roots will become branches, reaching up towards the sky, gracing the world with her gifts in another form.”

    This is something that females should consider, too, when they are incapable of having children yet want them: they are free to focus pursuing their talents to the benefit of others in another form. They are also free to adopt one of the many, many children that are in need of loving homes.

    As a male I am not culturally conditioned to see children as part of my self worth, granted, however as someone who had part of their identity ripped away from them (criminal record for simple assault preventing me from teaching on a collegiate level or even doing some menial things like loading trucks for a shipping company) I am acutely aware of the need to refocus attention on other avenues open to us. One of the most remarkable things about humanity is how adaptable we are and how we can mould ourselves into something new.

    • i am glad you picked up on the idea when a woman may suffer from infertility. This is another way of looking at how that energy may be freed up to do something else. Although I am not infertile, I had always imagined having 4 kids. That did not happen, so I transformed the energy. And, as you describe, there are many things that require men and women to confront their identities and the possibilities before them. As you write, we must be willing to refocus our attention on other avenues open to us.

  2. What a beautiful conceptualization of the process of feminine change, Kim, spiritually-based as opposed to the all the ego-bound hype that one usually hears about it. Refreshing!

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