The Hubris of Man

Gates of Heaven

Gates of Heaven

Man’s Hubris-

the firm belief
that Heaven’s gates
to part

When all around Him
heaven surrounds.

This is an image of how I picture how so many interact with the idea of Heaven.
The man in the image, so enlarged and sure of himself, waiting for the gates of Heaven to be moved before him, so he may enter.

Of course, this image about Heaven is the one so many are told, and the intent is to inspire “good works. Work hard now and reap the rewards of Heaven at your appointed time.

If you are “really good”, you can be doubly-assured that the gates will in fact part.

What if the joke is on us? What if “Heaven” is all around us?

I depicted this in the picture by making the entire background blue and the same color. There is no separation but the one Man created.

Step “through the gate” – the one already open.


3 thoughts on “The Hubris of Man

  1. I love it! “What if “Heaven” is all around us?” – that’s exactly what I tell my Sunday School class every single week. It’s not our goal to get to heaven – it’s our goal to live a heavenly life so that it’s a no-brainer at the end.

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