Prayer Circle

Prayer Circle

Prayer Circle

This is when my inner artist does not cooperate. I was not sure what this image was to be until I finished it.
It obviously became a play on the idea of a prayer circle.
Perhaps, in praying, even when we are alone- we complete our own circle of love and awareness.


6 thoughts on “Prayer Circle

  1. The notion of a small being, here looking like a child, who is cold and being enfolded in loving warmth is a very nice notion. Despite what I will say below it is important to capture images and notions like this, that the idea of the strong doing something just for the weak is not lost to us.

    Nothing changes when we pray: neither internally nor externally. Notions of prayer vary wildly and, perhaps, the dovetailing of prayer into catechises, particularly liturgy (viz. the work of the Church), is the best example of what prayer could or should be. As it stands the notion of prayer is one of weakness, one of begging someone in a position of strength to do something. Nothing changes when we pray because of this, because when called upon to do something we can’t even recognise the time has come to act and our prayers be made vital.

    Considering this very warm notion of prayer, perhaps also articulate a more active and vital notion of prayer?

    • Ha! Great final point. I was not sure what the image actually meant to me. Perhaps in the quietness of prayer, I was seeing a circle of warmth enfold each of us- not matter the purpose or the result of the prayer. Perhaps I was touching on the idea of creating a safe space for ourselves.

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